Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Black Moon

Black Moon – Emerson, Lake, and Palmer

Everyday I see a new cloud coming

There’s one more hole in space

Everytime I walk across the street

I feel the gas blowing in my face

We never learn even deserts burn

And all politicians lie

They won’t do nothin’

‘Till we reach high noon

Black Moon

Ain’t nobody gonna walk on water

When it falls like acid rain

Nobody gonna fake you out

Every poison stains

We’re all stuck here

Right in the middle

We never call the tune

They won’t do nothin’

‘Till we reach high noon

Black Moon

In the night see the red sky burning

There’s fire on the mountain

Oil slicks on the sea

Black Moon is rising

How long will it be

Just take a look around the world

The future never waits

We’re skating on the thin ice

And we’re in the hands of fate

What we need’s a little re-direction

To find our blue lagoon

You know it wouldn’t come

A moment to soon

Black Moon’s

Fear is in their eyeblack moon

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