Space Capades. Volumen 3

Space-Capades, Volumen 3


space 18 piezas maestras. Space Capades compila piezas de Les Baxter y Billy May, entre otros.

«Gay Spirits» – David Rose and HIs Orchestra

«Lover» – Richard Marino and His Orchestra

«Moon Moods» – Les Baxter and His Orchestra

«Power House» – The Bobby Hammack Combo

«Drivi»™’ Around The Block» – Dickie Harrel

«Calcutta» – Les Baxter

«Holiday For Strings» – The Voices Of Walter Schumann

«You’re The Top» – Dean Elliott and His Big Band

«Istanbul (Not Constantinople) – Joe «Fingers» Carr/80 Drums Around The World

«Stumbling» – Tak Shindo

«Sabre Dance» – Les Baxter and His Orchestra

«This Room Is My Castle Of Quiet» – Billy May and His Orchestra

«I Get A Kick Out Of You» – Felix Slatkin

«Satan Takes A Holiday» – Jack Malmsteen

«Puttin»™ On The Ritz» – Terry Snyder

«Blues In The Night» – Alvino Rey and His Orchestra

«Saturday Night On Saturn» – Les Baxter and His Orchestra

«Lonesome Road» – Dean Elliott and His Big Band

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