Vik Venus. Moonflight

Vik Venus – Moonflight

V V: This is your reporter Vic Venus,

And we just made contact with the Achilles 13 moonflight

Let’s listen in as Commander Rah Rah puts his crew through their daily exercises:

Put your hands on your head, Simple Simon Says

Put them down by your side, Simple Simon Says

V V: How do you feel after that workout Commander?

Weaker, Weaker

V V: How about the astronaut on the ceiling, what’s your name?

Quick Joey Small

V V: Where are you from Joey?

The Jelly Jungle Of Orange Marmalade

V V: May I ask why you volunteered for an important and dangerous mission?

‘Cause I’m a fool for ya

V V: What are you doing with that mysterious green instrument?

Now listen while I play my Green Tambourine

V V: I’ve been told you’re quite a vocalist, take the mike and sing something for us

Whoa, Womp bomp bomp, ooh, womp bomp bomp

V V: Thank You now give me back the mike

Indian Giver, Indian Giver

V V: Let’s talk to the astronaut who just finished eating. How’s the food?

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy I’ve got love in my tummy

V V: What’s your favorite food?

Rice Is Nice on any day

V V: I see you have some pills in front of you. What are they for?

Oh Baby, make me feel so good

V V: How can you swallow such a large pill?

Chewy, Chewy, chewy, chewy, chewy, chew it Baby

V V: Can you tell us why you volunteered for this mission?

Sheriff got a shot gun, he do, fill you full of lead son

V V: There must be another reason

He also got a black jack, he’s mad, he crush your head with one whack

V V: Commander Rah Rah we’d like to ask you some questions now

Goody, Goody Gumdrops my heart is doing flip-flops

V V: First of all I see you’ve written a letter, How do you expect to mail it?

Special Delivery

V V: What’s your attitude towards space after spending so much time in it?

This Is My Country

V V: Commander what keeps your ship from burning up when you travel at such great speeds?

Blessed Is The Rain that falls on me

V V: If you’re confronted by nay creatures as you explore the moon’s surface. What will you say to them?

Welcome Me Love, I know you don’t know me,

Take my hand there’s a lot you can show me

V V: I see your ship is coming to a stop, Why it that?

One Two, Three Red Light, don’t stop me

V V: What happens if you can’t get started again?

It’s the Worst That Can Happen

V V: Commander I’m afraid we’ve run out of time. Is there any closing comment that you’d like to make?

Have Mercy, Mercy, have mercy on me

Have Mercy, Mercy, mercy on me

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