Jethro Tull. For Michael Collins, Jeffrey and Me

For Michael Collins, Jeffrey and Me – Jethro Tull

Watery eyes of the last sighing seconds,

blue reflections mute and dim

beckon tearful child of wonder

to repentance of the sin.

And the blind and lusty lovers

of the great eternal lie

go on believing nothing

since something has to die.

And the ape’s curiosity «“

money power wins,

and the yellow soft mountains move under him.

I’m with you L.E.M.

though it’s a shame that it had to be you.

The mother ship is just a blip

from your trip made for two.

I’m with you boys, so please employ just a little extra care.

It’s on my mind I’m left behind

when I should have been there.

Walking with you.

And the limp face hungry viewers

fight to fasten with their eyes

like the man hung from the trapeze «“

whose fall will satisfy.

And congratulate each other

on their rare and wondrous deed

That their begrudged money bought

to sow the monkey’s seed.

And the yellow soft mountains

they grow very still

witness as intrusion the humanoid thrill.

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