Roger McGuinn. Time Cube

Time Cube – Roger McGuinn

The planet was molded from great clouds of dust

Then molten eruptions would burst through the crust

A new sun was shining and covered the earth

The heavens all knowing acknowledged the birth

The seas were forming before life began

It would take a long time to crawl on the land

The rivers were waiting for the arrival

The lowlands provided a place of survival

Man cam from the mud and the ooze and the slime

An integral part of a master design

He gazed at the stars and the moon in the sky

Some knew they were going and some wondered why

Man made a beginning and went to the moon

A few fellow creatures predicted earth’s doom

His colonisation out into space is more than

A great leap for the whole human race

Some dream of a journey to the neighboring star

And some will not listen, they say it’s too far

He’ll create a machine and launch it someday

To reach Alpha Centauri four light years away

Then evolve to the stars of our galaxy

And write a new chapter of man’s destiny

Man came from the mude and the ooze and the slime

An integral part of a master design

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