Jack Bruce. Rope Ladder to the Moon

Rope Ladder to the Moon – Jack Bruce

You asked me to a party

to a house just by the moon

You gave me silver loving

the end was all too soon

You asked me to the theatre

in a place quite near the sun

You gave me golden sunbeams

your act was all in fun

Rope ladder to moon!

You asked me to a meeting

in a cottage in the snow

You gave me central heating

I can’t forget the glow

You asked me to a weekend

down by the stormy sea

You took me to a ceremony

and the sacrifice was me!

You asked me to a stromcloud

up near the rainbow’s end

Then you threw away the ladder

and gave me to your friend

You took me to a prison

and you said its chief was me

Then you locked me deep inside you

and thew away the key

Rope ladder to the moon!

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