Mollie Thompson. Cockeyed Ballad

Mollie Thompson – Cockeyed Ballad

Mollie There’s a cockeyed feeling in the world today

That power politics is here to stay,

But China, Russia and the U.S.A.

Boy, don’t let them fool you.

Take a look at this Mollie2 world of ours,

Just one mud ball in a sea of stars»”

Other planets have no colour bars

Because they’ve got perspective.

Yanks and Ruskies put men into space

But it’s all a mad politicians race.

One-up-Manship in this year of grace

It makes you giggle.

The population stands and stares

While men in capsules explore upstairs.

Why»”we can’t even manage our own affairs»”

Some cheek colonization.

Besides they’ve got people on Venus and Mars»”

Lads and lasses and Mas and Pas,

And they’ve got better transport than four wheel cars.

Have you ever seen them ?

Those flying saucers whisking through our sides.

Must take some power to make them rise.

But government departments just hide their eyes,

And call them meteors.

With all the lies that they print and shout

The general public has its work cut out

Figuring what it’s all about,

But just you keep on trying.

I suppose you know why I’m telling you this»”

So you won’t shriek and shake your fist

When you discover Martians do exist»”

They’re real nice fellows.

I know cos I met one a week ago

His ship came down for an hour or so,

He talked to me but then he had to go,

Real interested I was.

Got brothers on Venus and Saturn it seems,

Fly their ships on magnetic beams,

They wear one-piece suits»”you can’t see any seams»”

But apart from that»”they’re just like us.

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