UFO. Martian Landscape

UFO – Martian Landscape

* Come from the land where

the wheat is still wheat

Where the waters in the

rivers is still water

In this land every man lends

a hand when you need it

But your hands are full of life

So you can help yourself and feel it

It’s been a long way from

the red of my home

From the valleys

and the green plains never ending

Everyone knows that the sun in

his land is stronger

And your hands are full of life

If you can only wait just longer

** So let it be a small

haven big in your heart

Don’t let it turn into a nova

Tryin’ to climb and climb

Try and forget this place where

I can still find time

To sing in rhyme

*** Martian landscape,

I’ll learn to lie in your arms

Where all the freedom is

mine and it comes

Martian landscape,

I’ll turn my face to your sun

Where your horizon is mine and it comes

* Repeat

** Repeat

*** Repeat

Martian landscape

Martian landscape

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