KMFDM. Witness

KMFDM – Witness

Inter-planetary frequency

Alteration of destiny

Surrendering to my ultimate destiny

The spaceship will come to take us away

Out of the orbit and into the light

We’re going to be picked up and sent on a flight

Get ready to join us

Escape the destruction enjoy the abduction

Surrender Supernova

I will always prase my maker

I will always return to my taker

I will never be a faker

I will never be a forsaker

They are visting us for their genetic testing

I don’t think it’s such a blessing

But then again how can I know

I must not judge so much

You know

The message I got is simple and easy

When we get on the spaceship we must not flip

We have to be fearless it helps to keep smiling

Are you ready to join us

Avoid the disaster and be with the master

Surrender bend over



I am unsterblich


I’m a witness

Be fearless…

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