MC 900 Foot Jesus. Truth Is Out Of Style

MC 900 Foot Jesus – Truth Is Out Of Style

Sample: «This is a journey upon which we shall make some remarkable discoveries

of that inner realm that is part of your consciousness this

very moment.»

Sample: «123»

Sample: «…this is the take»

please let me introduce you to a brand new idea

it aint like your stupid car because it dont come from korea

i wont charge you for this tip but you can take it to the bank

and when your whole life starts to turn around, you’ll know who to thank

thank god for mc nine oh oh, will be the first thing you say

when you are jumping out of bed, at the start of every day

dropping on your knees while you are calling out my name

saying thank you thank you thank you

and you’ll bless the day i came into your life

which up to this point had been a big fat joke

that you were playing on yourself but now its time you awoke

from this dream you’ve been having and confront reality

so shut your mouth for one minute and play attention to me

Sample: «pay attention», «say what?»

cuz im going to reveal the secret of my success

so now you can share in my continued happiness

you will know the blissful peace of all the masters of old

and everything you touch will turn to fourteen karat gold

it’s an easy four word sentence

thats the key to all your dreams

so for now on you dont have to worry about no complex schemes

your life will be a simple game that you will always win

and for every dollar that you spend, the bank will pay back ten

and i know you are starting to say

why dont he stop beating around the bush

well i’ll get there when i get there

there aint no need to push

cuz the point im trying to make contains my whole philosophy

so listen to what i tell you and repeat it after me

truth is out of style (out of style) (say what?)

truth is out of style (out of style) (say what?)

truth is out of style (out of style) (say what?)

truth is out of style (out of style) (say what?)

sample: «truth.» «is out of style»

sample: «yo won’t you tell them what your name is»

i hear what you’re saying, mc 900ft jesus exactly how

did you come to the conclusion that truth is out of style?

well i was on my way to work one day when i spied a rocket ship

some aliens abducted me and took me on a trip

to a previous existence on another astral plane

i met a real nice lady there name shirley maclaine

the truth is not an obstacle for someone such as me, she said

because you see we all create our own reality

and if a problem should arise

the best thing you can say is

dont worry, be happy, and have a nice day

well i thanked her very kindly for the excellent advice

she said she’d bill me later at a reasonable price

then the aliens brought me back and beamed me down into this bar

but i could not go to work because bigfoot stole my car

sample: «i know a mother fucking bigfoot when i see one»

truth is out of style (out of style)

truth is out of style (out of style)

truth is out of style (out of style)

sample: «truth.» «is out of style.»

sample: you possess the ability to control the movement of

the invisible electromagnetic energies of light. you also

control a mental power over even the gross

physical objects around you. this concept seems fantastic

yet it has been proven

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