Montrose. Space Station 5

Space Station #5 – Montrose

Start with a Sun and move on out

The future’s in the skies above.

The Heavens unfold and a new star is born.

Space and time makin’ love.

Oh, what a time we had

Livin’ underground.

I move to station number five

See you next time around.

As far as you want and close as you need

It’s all in your mind you know.

This old Earth hasn’t really seen it’s day

It’s here…time to go.

I remember when it was so clear

We were young but the memory still remains.

To pick fruit from a tree, fish from the seas

Now nothin’s left here but the stains.

But I can’t cry no more, can only be glad

That there’s other places we can be.

If the time suites you right I’m leaving tonight

Come fly away with me!

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