Billy Reid. Alien Makes Contact!! (The S.E.T.I. Song)

Alien Makes Contact!! (The S.E.T.I. Song featuring Billy Reid)

Hello (The SETI Song)

by Rhett&Link and Billy Reid

Every mornin, I grab my donut and coffee, and I sit down at my screen

Nothin gets me goin, like the possibility of knowing, there might be

an intelligent extraterrestrial message for me.

Every day is the same, we dont hear anything,

but we like to play sudoku, lately weve been in to Live Action Role Playing Games.

We know its only a matter of time, before we finally find, intelligent life, saying HI!

Hello? (Hello?) Hello!

This the moment weve been waiting for!

Hello! (Hello!) Hello!

I bid you greetings from my distant world!

We may not have long, so while the signals strong…tell us, what is your planet like? well, alright…

have you cured all disease? no.

have you achieved world peace? no.

is your skin pale green? no.

do your spacecraft come with tractor beams? no…?

do you wear shiny clothes? Rarely.

what about long flowing robes? Right now, Im in my boxers. Oh.

well, how many other intergalactic languages do you know?

well, i took French in High School. French?! Can you specify your exact location?

In Canada (Canada?) Canada?!

Broadcasting from my little shortwave radio.

In Canada (Canada?) Canada?!

Broadcasting from my little shortwave radio.

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