Anomalos: La primera revista paranormal cristiana

Biblical Studies in the Paranormal

· INTRODUCING ANOMALOS MAGAZINE: Thomas Horn spells out the rationale behind Anomalos Magazine and introduces the writers and staff.

· RETURN OF THE GENESIS 6 GIANTS: Does shocking evidence exist that the Nephilim are about to return? Researcher Stephen Quayle says yes!

· WHY SHOULD CHRISTIANS CARE ABOUT UFOLOGY?: Michael Heiser, Ph.D., discusses how ufology can open important worldview questions and theological issues.

· SET PHASERS ON STUN: Nita Horn reveals how she came to believe in UFOs.

· NOW THIS IS VINDICATION: Extraordinary discoveries in archeology and in physics are uncovered by scientist Stan Deyo.

· A WATCH IN THE NIGHT: Rumors of full UFO disclosure and the implications for globalization are sweeping the internet. Cryptoarchaeologist David Flynn investigates.

· FATIMA, THE HARBINGER OF DECEPTION: What could bestselling author Lynn Marzulli have up his sleeve now? You won’t believe your eyes.

· CHRISTIANS AND NUDITY: Jim Wilhelmson takes a hard look at a new phenomenon and discovers it might not be all that new after all.

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