Hypocrisy. Roswell 47

Hypocrisy – Roswell 47

Their freedom was taken away as they crashed to be a project of search

The experiment will make sure it won’t last, all expect starlight once

The ascent alien ship was shot at because national security was in jeopardy

They say a weather balloon crashed, so we know it’s bullshit

We have the right to know what really happened in,

Roswell 47!

Shipping back pieces hangar, to slowly put it together

To find new weapon technology, and maybe answer our dreams forever!

The fatal afraid of spread disease, chaos and confusion.

The energy physics long will be worth, the information may be worthless?

that’s why we have the right to really know what happened,

Roswell 47!

They picked him as the offers in play

might try to really happen

They lost control, and crashed in Roswell… 1947!

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