Brownsville Station. Martian Boogie

Martian Boogie – Brownsville Station

The other night I was

Walking down the street

I was getting kinda hungry

I decided to get me something to eat

Now I passed up all the chain

Franchise joints on Hamburger row

And stopped at a little greasy spoon place

I always eat at called Eat, Sit and Gulp

Get you one of the greasy hamburgers

All peppered up, lay you up in the

Hospital for about ten days

So I ordered me up a

Couple of those grease bombs

Waitress brought ‘em over

Lifted up the bun, checked ‘em out

Damn, no ketchup

So I nudged the guy sitting next to me

At the counter, I said, hey, partner

How about passing the ketchup over

Suddenly, this little bitty green hand

Holding a ketchup bottle came into view

And I freaked cause the guy sitting

Next to me was a Martian

Now in twenty-eight years of eating hamburgers

I ain’t never run into no Martian

Not at 2:30 in the morning and certainly

Not at a fine scarfing establishment like Eat

Well, he was sitting over there with a

Bunch of colored sticks on his plate

And I looked over at him and I said

What you eating there, boy, crayons

He said, why no

They’re Martian cigarettes

Here, try one

Well, ‘bout half hour later

He looked over at me and smiled

Them Martians ain’t got

But two teeth in their head

And he said, how do you feel

And I said, well, I feel so good

Yeah, I do, gonna boogie

Meanwhile, back at Eat’s

I was still thinking, I said

How come out of all the places

You could have landed

You wound up here

He said, well, according

To my lunar space map

This town here is supposed to be

The boogie capital of the U.S.A

So I asked him, I said

Now, where else you been, boy

And he told me

He said, I’ve rocked ‘em over

And I’ve rocked ‘em down

Rocked ‘em in the country

I’ve rocked ‘em in town

Rock and roll been so good to me

? A lady and she asked my name

Told her my name was on ten of my shirt

Told her, rocking chair Martian

Don’t have to work

Yeah, I feel so good

Yeah, yeah, gonna boogie

Martian boogie

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