Jefferson Starship. Hijack

Hijack «“ Jefferson Starship

The summer was dry like your nose when you’ve born behind cokl for a day & a season

We sail out into the grasshopper nite & we seek the righteous poison

Sunday morning’ in speedway you know the people come around for a reason

Sunday morning’

The land is green & you make it grow go to the forest & move

The sound of thundering electrical energy calls us to the park in the noon

C’mon anybody – now fill my pipe – to the park – to the forest and move

When I feel you comin’ round me – kidding in the sun

Going home move your mind – towards Mars and then beyond

Genesis is not the answer: two which we had before

It was – altogether in you

You know I remember the 23rd of November

To the abyss of Chicago you can see the barbed wire – pigs around a lot of nothing

The witch hunters wail & they bark & they wheeze & they try to turn us onto their poison

You know – a starship circling in the sky – it ought to be ready by 1990

They’ll be building it up in the air ever since 1980

People with a clever plan can assume the role of the mighty

Hijack The Starship

Carry 7000 people past the sun

And our babes’ll wander naked thru the cities of the universe – C’mon

Free minds free bodies free dope free music

The day is on its way to the day of ours

You breathe out you breathe in

And the glow of the machines’ll get you on

Grace fully growing – as wild as we can be

Only the sun knows what we really need to know

Only the sun holds the secret

And more than human can we be

‘Cause human is truly locked

To this planetary circle

You gotta ride – said the doctor of space

I have lived here once before

The lites in the nite are a village of stars

Of stars that I have explored

Beyond the «¦ of beyond the void

And beyond that and more

Parallel links in this village of stars

Will lead you to the second door

And time won’t wait the doctor of space from the city of the sun to come

Where do we go from here?

Chaos or community

Can’t you see – on this future Sundays

7000 gypsies swirling together

An offering to the sun in the name of the weather

Gonna Hijack – Hijack the Starship

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