Hawkwind. Warriors At The End Of Time

Warriors At The End Of Time «“ Hawkwind

We walk hand in hand with horror, we ride side by side with

death, we are the warriors at the end of time

Over poisoned crystal deserts, where the ruined towers shout

We march towards our dying scarlet sun

Death Death to life! Death! Death to time!

We bring sweet destruction now to everything

In our mirrored flashing armor, in our secret, hideous

helms, we are the Angels of your ruin

And we climb obsidian mountains, on our final, dreadful


Crossing lakes which cry with pain as we pass by

Death to all things living!

Holy death will cleanse the world!

Death, our standard! Death, our only joy

We are the Warriors at the end of time

Death to air and fire and water

Death to light and earth and sound

Death to anger, love and sadness

Death to death and time and apace

On the dead horses our dead riders,

Seek the last retreats of life

Life betrayed us and we slew it

Corpses locked in battle, dancing at the End of Time

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