Las películas de Aleister Crowley

Las películas de Aleister Crowley

Jason Lubyk, en su blog Alterati, ha colocado cuatro clips que muestran otras tantas películas realizadas sobre la vida y obra del mago inglés Aleister Crowley, la Bestia 666.

Los videos son:

Abbey of Thelema

Aleister Crowley: In Search Of The Great Beast 666, The Wickedest Man In The World



Como dato curioso: en Abbey of Thelema encontramos al actor porno Ron Jeremy en el papel de un sacerdote.

2 pensamientos en “Las películas de Aleister Crowley”

  1. Very bad, as a director and artist he was very untalented, that is why he had to become luciferian employee. His artistic work really sucks. So he wasn’t famous enough ad he embrace this stupid doctrine. At least he created his own ideology. But at what end? At last he was just another puppet servant of another authority, and one known as a loser who can¡t defeat even an angel. Who can’t get out of hell without help. Where is his power. Who doesn’t have any other power but the Lie. And anybody has that priviledge. What a bunch of losers. Following the biggest loser in the universe. and I don’t mean Aleister.

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