Covenant. Chariots of Thunder

Covenant – Chariots Of Thunder

Like crusades across the infinite

Night swallowed light

Cursed were the minions rebellion

An image of the serpent’s creation

Reveal and enter the passage

Enter into the phantom’s fire

Constellation – a unity in chaos

The chariots of thunder’s arrival

Sent fragments of my reflection to the void afire

Behold the new breed created in my own image

Brighter these eyes burned with wicked anticipation

As the struggle for the black elements came to an end

…a precious mingling of the flesh and alien fire…

Held dreaming hands beneath the power to universal creation

And became the utter perfection of total completion

Breathe the untouched majesty of dark emotions

And feel the power… the beauty of domination

…conquering the weaver’s utopia…

To see them in such swarms

I wondered if this could be paradise

A seed for the future

The fire of fate and faith set alight

…behold the faithless and his angel…

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