Dan Hicks. Hell, I`d Go

Hell, I’d Go – Dan Hicks

Hell, I’d go

If they came down and got me

They could be little green men, yeah

That wouldn’t stop me

Buzzin’ through the galaxy

Who could beat a ride for free?

For all I know I’m just the perfect fellow

Not too white, not too yellow

Get me on that big space ship

This could be my hippest trip!

Hey you, UFO guy

Put me first on standby

I’m traveling light, my attitude’s right

I’ve seen that night

Don’t call me crazy

They were in the sky

Lookin’ quite amazin’

Doin’ figure 8s around the moon

Count me in

I ain’t no hesitater

I’ll ride aboard

And write home later

Say: «How you folks at home?

I just got the bug to roam!»

Hey you, UFO guy

How you make that thing fly?

Say, I won’t tell, I won’t say a thing

Aloha, Saturn

Aurora Borealis

We’ll hit ‘em all

We’ll land in Dallas

There’ll be a big parade for me

I’ll make the news, just wait and see

I’ll tell ‘em about my galactic flight

We was buzzin’ left and whizzin’ right

So put your brakes on where you be

And plunk that saucer down by me

Hey you, skinny space man

Can’t you see that I’m on the lam?

Come on, you flyin’ saucer

Make me an offer

I’ll book the flight

The time is right

I got my bags

And I got my shots

So come on, shorty

Read my thoughts!

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