L. J. Booth. Mr Moon

L. J. Booth – Mr. Moon

Up there in St Mathew»™s belfry

There»™s bats slipping out for the night

It»™s black as a funeral tuxedo

With one button shining out bright

(Old moon in his ivory light)

Tonight when you cleared the horizon

And rose with such ease

Through the tangle of trees

I heard some silent tune…Mr Moon

If you can tug on the oceans

And waver the depths of ihe sea

And if most of my body is water

Then how much are you pulling me?

(What»™s in your beams I can»™t see?)

Cause down neath the hulls in the harbor

There»™s a feeling inside

Like a warm rising tide

And some soft ancient tune…Mr Moon

Let»™s ask the hands of the hungry

We»™ll question the needy and cursed

Just how many billion that they would have spent

So now we can say we were first

(My country loves to be first)

But I»™ll bet you»™re glad we stopped coming

To silently spin

Through the heavens again

And humm that ancient tune…Mr Moon

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