Cloud Cult. Alien Christ

Cloud Cult – Alien Christ

You’re invited to the party

Down by the rocket crash

No one knows what happened there

Cause the thing went down so fast

And they’ve gathered up the pieces

Still burning with blue radiance

Some say it’s just a missile

Others say it must be aliens

And the only eye-witness

Is a Russian widow and she says

«It’s clear that he has come again

Sell your SUVs for Jesus»

But the merchants were the first to come

With popcorn stands and freakshows

Selling everything from religious relics to plastic UFOs

And the news teams come with cameras cameras cameras thick as flies

A Pulitzer Prize to the first of you who talks to the alien Christ

And the days they came and went

With no sign of the mystical

So they all went back to the daily drone

Of the practical and predictable

And Farmer Johnson built his rambler house upon that rocket hole

As if to prove man’s domain

Over everything unknown

And he fell in love with the neighbor girl

And had a baby shortly after

That kid never made a single sound

Except the sound of laughter

And the words first came at 8 years old

When she spoke about the crash

And she said and she said and she said

«Someone as God came

And ran its fingers through my hair»

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