Gloria Lambert. Moon Man

Moon Man (Bacharach-David)–Gloria Lambert, w. Richard Maltby, 1959.

Hello there moon man, you’re kind of cute.

Take off your helmet and turn off your radar,

And loosen the jacket of your space suit,

And make yourself at home, moon man.

Make yourself at home.

Your flying saucer made quite a trip.

First thing tomorrow you’ll meet with my leader

But now how’d you like to meet my sweet lips?

Say; how do I compare moon man

To the girls up there?

I¼m just an earth girl looking for a chance

To run my fingers thru your hair.

If you’re a moon man looking for romance,

Just cuddle up close and cling very tight.

We’re going to go into orbit tonight.

Oh, moon man don’t fly away.

Trade in your satellite for a convertible.

Feel free to call on me night and day.

If you should need a phone, moon man

Or a brush and comb, moon man

No need for you to roam moon man.

Just make yourself at home.

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