Patti Smith. Birdland

Birdland – Patti Smith

His father died and left him a little farm in new england.

All the long black funeral cars left the scene

And the boy was just standing there alone

Looking at the shiny red tractor

Him and his daddy used to sit inside

And circle the blue fields and grease the night.

It was if someone had spread butter on all the fine points of the stars

cause when he looked up they started to slip.

Then he put his head in the crux of his arm

And he started to drift, drift to the belly of a ship,

Let the ship slide open, and he went inside of it

And saw his daddy hind the control board streamin beads of light,

He saw his daddy hind the control board,

And he was very different tonight

cause he was not human, he was not human.

And then the little boys face lit up with such naked joy

That the sun burned around his lids and his eyes were like two suns,

White lids, white opals, seeing everything just a little bit too clearly

And he looked around and there was no black ship in sight,

No black funeral cars, nothing except for him the raven

And fell on his knees and looked up and cried out,

no, daddy, dont leave me here alone,

Take me up, daddy, to the belly of your ship,

Let the ship slide open and Ill go inside of it

Where youre not human, you are not human.

But nobody heard the boys cry of alarm.

Nobody there cept for the birds around the new england farm

And they gathered in all directions, like roses they scattered

And they were like compass grass coming together into the head of a shaman bouquet

Slit in his nose and all the others went shooting

And he saw the lights of traffic beckoning like the hands of blake

Grabbing at his cheeks, taking out his neck,

All his limbs, everything was twisted and he said,

i wont give up, wont give up, dont let me give up,

I wont give up, come here, let me go up fast,

Take me up quick, take me up, up to the belly of a ship

And the ship slides open and I go inside of it where I am not human.

I am he lium raven and this movie is mine,

So he cried out as he stretched the sky,

Pushing it all out like latex cartoon, am I all alone in this generation ?

Well just be dreaming of animation night and day

And wont let up, wont let up and I see them coming in,

Oh, I couldnt hear them before, but I hear em now,

Its a radar scope in all silver and all platinum lights

Moving in like black ships, they were moving in, streams of them,

And he put up his hands and he said, its me, its me,

Ill give you my eyes, take me up, oh now please take me up,

Im helium raven waitin for you, please take me up,

Dont let me here, the son, the sign, the cross,

Like the shape of a tortured woman, the true shape of a tortured woman,

The mother standing in the doorway letting her sons

No longer presidents but prophets

Theyre all dreaming theyre gonna bear the prophet,

Hes gonna run through the fields dreaming in animation

Its all gonna split his skull

Its gonna come out like a black bouquet shining

Like a fist thats gonna shoot them up

Like light, like mohammed boxer

Take them up up up up up up

Oh, lets go up, up, take me up, Ill go up,

Im going up, Im going up

Take me up, Im going up, Ill go up there

Go up go up go up go up up up up up up up

Up, up to the belly of a ship.

Let the ship slide open and well go inside of it

Where we are not human, were not human.

Well, there was sand, there were tiles,

The sun had melted the sand and it coagulated

Like a river of glass

When it hardened he looked at the surface

He saw his face

And where there were eyes were just two white opals, two white opals,

Where there were eyes there were just two white opals

And he looked up and the rays shot

And he saw raven comin in

And he crawled on his back and he went up

Up up up up up up

Sha da do wop, da shaman do way, sha da do wop, da shaman do way,

Sha da do wop, da shaman do way, sha da do wop, da shaman do way,

Sha da do wop, da shaman do way,

We like birdland.

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