The Bermuda Triangle Side Two – Isao Tomita

The Bermuda Triangle Side Two – Isao Tomita

Tomita01. The Round Space Ship Landing on the Earth While Emitting Silvery Lights [02:23]

02. Strong Electro-Magnetic Waves [01:29]

03. The World of the Different Dimensions [02:04]

04. The Giant Pyramid Sitting at the Bottom of the Sea of Bermuda and the Ancient People [07:05]

05. The Venus Wearing the Space Uniform Shining in a Fluorescent Light Color [04:40]

06. The Children Playing in Agharta, the Deep Underground Kingdom [05:30]

07. The Hollow Vessel Called the Earth [05:01]

08. The Song of Venus [03:55]

09. The Dawn at Bermuda [02:21]

10. The Dazzling Bright Cylindrical Object Which Had Crashed into Tunguska, Siberia [07:29]

11. The Harp Being Played by the Ancient People and the Venus and Her Space Children Singing the Song O [07:38]

12. The Visionary Flight to the 1448 Nebular Group of the Bootes [04:10]

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