Space Truckin’. Deep Purple

Space Truckin»™ – Deep Purple

We had a lot of luck on venus

We always had a ball on mars

Meeting all the groovey people

Weve rocked the milky way so far

We danced around with borealice

Were space truckin round the the stars

Come on lets go space truckin

Remember when we did the moonshot

And pony trekker led the way

Wed move to the canaveral moonstop

And everynaut would dance and sway

We got music in our solar system

Were space truckin round the stars

Come on lets go space truckin

The fireball that we rode was moving

But now weve got a new machine

Yeah yeah yeah yeah the freaks said

Man those cats can really swing

They got music in their solar system

Theyve rocked around the milky way

They dance around the borealice

Theyre space truckin everyday

Come on

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