T-Bone Burnett. Humans From Earth

T-Bone Burnett – Humans From Earth

TBoneBurnett We come from a blue planet light-years away

Where everything multiplies at an amazing rate

We’re out here in the universe buying real estate

Hope we haven’t gotten here too late


We’re humans from earth

We’re humans from earth

You have nothing at all to fear

I think we’re gonna like it here

We’re looking for a planet with atmosphere

Where the air is fresh and the water clear

With lots of sun like you have here

Three or four hundred days a year


Bought Manhatten for a string of beads

Brought along some gadgets for you to see

Heres a crazy little thing we call TV

Do you have electricity?


I know we may seem pretty strange to you

But we got know-how and a golden rule

We’re here to see manifest destiny through

Ain’t nothing we can’t get used to

We’re humans from earth

We’re humans from earth

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