Ricki Lee Jones. Gravity

Gravity – Ricki Lee Jones

There are wounds that stir up the force of gravity

A cold that will wipe the hope from your eyes

Young girl standing underneath the «L» train

Standing there, watching the trains go by …

You think that nobody knows where you are, girl

You think that nobody knows how this feels

Alone, in a world of your own

There you are girl

The small things float

To the top of gravity


I’m telling you where it is


We walk in easy snakes

Through the roulette rattling of the ethyl

And now the arson smell of moon

Polishes a newsstand

They empty the gas can

The watch the fire

If there are three girls running

There are three girls running nowhere

From remedies

That you call random

We call by name

And ask them to explain why

Oh, no I heard somebody

Hush up

Don’t say nothing

I thought I heard someone

Well we walk when we want to go

Nobody’s gonna be there

Seen somebody, somebody

Be quiet

Nobody’s there …


I could not say no to the light of my desire

I’m not asking so much

But you roll-call the passion

His lips ?


His back ?


His face?

No, no, no

I’m not asking so much!

I try to imagine another planet, another sun

Where I don’t look like me

And everything I do matters

Where you are, girl

In your green paint

With a pin to pull

At the fingertips of gravity


I’m telling you where it is


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